The SIG SLX 5.56 QD Rifle Suppressor

A factory fresh SIG SLX 5.56 QD rifle suppressor arrived for review. How does it differ from the SIG SLH models that we have reviewed in the past and should you invest in one for your AR-15 or SIG MCX? Let’s take a look.

The Basics:

The new SIG suppressors are made by additive manufacturing (3D printing) and come in two designs: SLH and SLX. What is the major difference between the SIG SLH and SIG SLX Suppressors?

  • SIG SLX Suppressors: Supersonic performance focus, low toxicity, flash reduction.
  • SIG SLH Suppressors: Subsonic performance focus, low toxicity, superior noise reduction.

For a supersonic only round like 5.56, the gas multi-flow design of the SLX models will help with cycling, rates of fire, and reduced gas blowback. Let’s face it, a 5.56 AR-15 will never be hearing safe – so focusing on gas flow and reduced blowback is a smart choice

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Anthony S. Felt

Director Store

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